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Brigitte Pace, a 26 year old Montrealer of Italian descent, is a woman who lives through her
music. Her goal is to sing and become an authentic artist. From the very beginning, Brigitte has been writing songs in collaboration with Albe Passarelli ( Except for "Weird Voices"). She delves into her emotions, her life experiences and the stumbling blocks of her generation to find her inspirations. She has been through hard times, but nothing will distract her from her music, her destiny.

She's completely at ease on stage, and is influenced mainly by rock and roll, where she finds the energy and freedom to express the inner most feelings of her soul. For the last eight years Brigitte Pace has shared the stage with various bands. (Scarlett, B Haven, name a few.)


Her debut single "SAVE YOUR SOUL" climbed to #1 in a few areas across Quebec and Ontario. The video was filmed in Montreal and aired on " Musique Plus" landing a # 4 spot on the video countdown.

Brigitte Pace sits down and bares her soul with Mike Gauthier of Musique Plus and discusses her long awaited album "Weird Voices". The interview proceeds with questions concerning her debut single "Save your Soul" which hit the airwaves in June of '97. The album "Weird Voices" was released in early Fall '97.


Brigitte's first live appearance was on Montreal AM Live with host Leslie Roberts. She performed her debut single " Save your Soul " and the title track from the album "Weird Voices". A promotional day for her record release which would take place that same evening, September 29th, 1997.


The album "WEIRD VOICES" was launched September 29, 1997 at Club Soda in Montreal. Local radio stations like CHOM, CKOI, etc... have been very supportive to this young songstress. Presently, the album "Weird Voices" is distributed across Canada and may be purchased at all local HMV stores.

The title track single "Weird Voices" is now released across Canada. Brigitte has also recorded a rock version of the song ( which unfortunately is not on the album ), but you may get a taste of it on some rock stations and on this site. The video "Weird Voices" was filmed in Toronto in early January and is scheduled to be released March 23rd, 1998 which will be aired on both " Musique Plus" and " Much Music".

Shortly one week later after her record launch, Brigitte performs live at Musique Plus. Newspaper clipping of Brigitte's debut show in her home town at le Cabaret.

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