Past News

- Brigitte has started a club band who will perform some cover songs as well as Brigitte's own material. Check our site for upcoming performance dates and venues!

- Brigitte is currently writing songs for a new album.

- "Crave For Sweet" may become the next single instead of "Will Be"

- New Tour Dates:
Edgefest (June 30th)
Les Mont Golfieres Festival (August 9th)

- Brigitte's performance on MusiquePlus was fantastic. She was interviewed, and sang:

1) Will Be
2) Save Your Soul
3) Crave For Sweet
4) Weird Voices
5) Caolyne's Mirror

- "Will Be" will become the next single!!

- Brigitte will be performing live on the French television show "Point J" on May 7th at 10:30 PM. The show is on channel 7 in Montreal.

- MusiquePlus will show a special on Brigitte on May 18th. The special also spotlights Lili Fatale and La Gamic.

- The video for Weird Voices has been released! Watch MusiquePlus to catch it!

- Brigitte will be performing at a Billboard music industry conference, to try to get an American record contract. We all wish her good luck!

- The video for Weird Voices will most probably released on March 25th! Be sure to watch MusiquePlus and MuchMusic to see it!

- There is a rock version of the song "Weird Voices" released to Montreal radio stations. Listen to Chom 97.7 FM after 7:00 PM to hear it!

- "Weird Voices" will become the next single, folowing her highly-succesful debut single "Save Your Soul". The video has been made, and will be played on MuchMusic and MusiquePlus soon!

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