Lyrics - Carolyne's Mirror

She’s pretty and doesn’t know it
She walks a fine thin line
Her hair is never messed up
Yet her love’s always on the line
She’s Juliette without her Romeo
Her heart could never find
Addicted to unhappiness she can’t see otherwise

Abandoned by her family she lives by the riverside
And when it rains you can hear the angels sigh

Carolyne......... sweet Carolyne
Carolyne......... it’s time sweet Carolyne

Mirror mirror on the wall
Can you tell her most of all
Will she ever find a man
And will she ever love again
Mirror mirror one thing more
Does she stand a chance at all
Give her a sign
Mirror mirror on the wall

Reflections in the water
A memory subsides
A vision undeniably sacred to the eye
She races down her troubled past a long and twisted road
She wonders what it’s like to have someone to hold

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