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Issue #10

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Hi! Amanda has been extremely busy recently preparing for the release of her second album "Tuesday’s Child". Sony Music Canada has prepared an exclusive online preview of Amanda’s new album, which will only be available at midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Much more information about the album, future singles and tour dates are all included in this issue of the Amanda Marshall newsletter. Enjoy!


Amanda News:

- I have been sent a press release describing Amanda's exclusive online preview taking place at midnight this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also mentioned in the press release are the enormous sales and success of Amanda's self-titled debut album, and the success of the singles released from that album (each one, and there have been SEVEN, have all reached the Canadian top ten!!). Also, it seems that Amanda will embark on an extensive Canadian tour following the release of her new album. Here is the press release, which I'm sure you will find very interesting:



(TORONTO) Amanda Marshall's highly anticipated new album, Tuesday's Child, will be in Canadian stores on Tuesday, May 25, 1999. To help celebrate the impending launch of this record, Sony Music Canada is hosting an exclusive online event this Friday, April 23, Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25, 1999. Online fans of Amanda should log on to her official website -- -- at 12 midnight ET on each of those evenings for an exclusive engagement called "Amanda At Midnight", and it will take place only at midnight. Fans can log on to catch the event and its many surprises for this weekend only.

Amanda's self-titled debut album, released in 1995, has sold more than two
million copies worldwide. In Canada, the album is over 8X platinum, and has
remained on the Top 200 Albums chart since its release more than three years
ago. With more than seven Canadian Top Ten singles in her career to date,
worldwide critical acclaim, and an extensive Canadian tour planned to support
her new album, Amanda is poised to shine in an international spotlight with the
release of Tuesday's Child.

- The first review of Amanda's upcoming new album "Tuesday's Child" has surfaced in a French record magazine. Unfortunately, it doesn't really talk about the album very much. The review is in French, and I have roughly translated it here:

Tuesday's Child
This beautiful Canadian had the chance to know Toronto because of her father, and the warm shores of the Caribbean thanks to her mother. She succeeds in injecting rock into her music, the precision of blues and feelings of the warm Southern shores. Amanda Marshall's music does not belong to one musical genre alone, because her exotic zest gives her a little more. She started very young, singing in clubs. One night, blues guitaist Jeff Healey heard her singing blues in a bar. He asked her to join him on the road with him, and then, she became famous. Here is her second album, Tuesday's Child. She is now in the big leagues, and is in the same catagory of stardom as a certain Alanis.

- Sony Music Canada has updated their web site yet again! They have scheduled exclusive online previews of Amanda's new album, "Tuesday's Child". The previews will only be available at midnight EST, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (April 23rd, 24th and 25th). Be sure not to miss it!

- Amanda has scheduled a new concert appearance for Wednesday, May 19, 1999. She will be performing at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

- The American release date for Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child" has been announced. The album will be released on June 15th, 1999. The Canadian and European release date remains unchanged on May 25th. No date has been announced for the rest of the world, but it may be released on the same date as the American release. Amanda’s new single "Love Lift Me" will be released to Canadian radio on Wednesday, April 21st.

- We now have a new section of the site entitled "Amanda Covered/Uncovered". In this section, you can find out information about which Amanda songs have been covered by other artists. As well, you can learn about the original versions f songs from Amanda's debut album. You can see album cover photos, listen to audio clips, see music video clips and much more!

- New information about Amanda Marshall's hit song "Let It Rain" has recently been discovered. It turns out that the track was originally recorded by the songs writer, Kristen Hall, on her 1994 album "Be Careful What You Wish For". To find out more about this album, and listen to audio clips, be sure to visit CDNow's section about it. For more detailed information about the album, be sure to visit the "Be Careful What You Wish For" section of the Kristen Hall webpage.


Complete Information About Amanda’s New Album:

Title: "Tuesday’s Child"

Producer: Don Was

Co-Writers: All songs co-written by Amanda Marshall. Some of Amanda’s rumored co-writers include the legendary Carole King, Bryan Adams and Eric Bazillian.

Mixed By: Bob Clearmountain

Production Location: Los Angeles, California

1) Believe In You (New Mix/Edit)
2) Love Lift Me
3) Why Don't You Love Me
4) Too Little Too Late
5) Right Here All Along
6) Wishful Thinking
7) Ride
8) Just Love Me
9) Shades of Gray
10) Give Up Giving In
11) Best of Me
12) Never Said Goodbye
13) Out of Bounds

Release Date: CANADA & EUROPE - May 25th, 1999
UNITED STATES - June 15th, 1999


Featured Album Of The Week:

Aqua - Aquarium

A lot of people probably think that Aqua is pretty stupid. They think their songs are all about dolls and candy, but this album is really great. If you’re in a good mood, and just want to have fun, this is a great album to listen to. Almost every song on this CD has been released as a hit single, or could have been a hit. Highlights include "Turn Back Time", which was also on the Sliding Doors Soundtrack, "Doctor Jones", "Good Morning Sunshine" and "Calling You".

Click here to listen to sound clips and find out more information:


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