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Issue #12

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Hi everyone! There’s only a few more days until Amanda Marshall’s new album "Tuesday’s Child" will be released. During the past few days, Sony Music Canada has updated their official Amanda website. Now it includes soundclips, lyrics, a contest, and more. Be sure to check it out at:

PS: I had to take down my "Live RealAudio" section, because of Sony’s unhappiness. You can still access it, as an exclusive to mailing list members at:


Amanda News:

- Today I purchased tickets to Amanda's June 10th show in Montreal. I called a minute or two before the tickets went on sale, and a very nice lady let me stay on the line in order to get the first tickets as soon as they became available. Unfortunately I missed front row center tickets by a few seconds, but I'm still very happy with my second row center seats! If anyone has an extra backstage pass or two, I am dying to meet Amanda. I am her biggest fan in the whole world, and I have never met her! If you do, please e-mail me at Also if anyone has any information about who Amanda's opening acts are going to be, please sure to e-mail me as well. Thanks!

- Amanda is currently promoting her new album across Canada. She was recently spotted signing autographs at MIX 96 studios, in Montreal. She is rumoured to be staying in Montreal for a few days. Since I live in Montreal, I hope to spot her somewhere in the next few days, but that probably won't happen! The father of a friend of mine was recently in a Montreal elevator with Amanda, but didn't really know who she was!!

- The official Amanda Marshall webpage ( is holding a contest in which you can win one of five exclusive passes to Amanda's album release party on May 25th in Toronto. Good luck!!

- The "Believe In You" single has been released in Germany. The single includes two b-sides - "Too Little, Too Late" and "Just Love Me". "Too Little, Too Late" is available on Amanda's new CD "Tuesday's Child". "Just Love Me" is a totally new song, which might be available on import versions of Amanda's new CD "Tuesday's Child".

- The official Amanda Marshall webpage ( has finally been made available. This is great resource to find information about Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child". The site includes such features as sound clips and lyrics for the entire new album, plus new Amanda tour dates and photos. Sound clips, lyrics and tour dates have all been added to my site in their appropriate sections.

- Amanda has scheduled a cross-Canada tour during June. The tour will hit every major Canadian city. Go to our tour section of my site ( for exact cities, dates and venues.

- Here is the newsletter Sony Music Canada sent out describing the new official Amanda Marshall web site, that will be available starting tomorrow:
"Hey Amanda Fans! Well, the time has come for to reveal it's revamped face. We can't wait for you to see it! By the end of the day tomorrow, (May 11, 1999) you can finally experience Amanda's new online playground at
We'll be revealing the dates of Amanda's upcoming national tour as well as a discussion area where you can converse with and meet other Amanda fans. We'll also have all the natural perks like news and an updated biography. Top it off with a great contest so be sure to enter.
As a bonus for being a member of the mailing list, there will be an exclusive contest for the next 4 weeks. For you members only! Stay tuned...
Be sure to hit tomorrow and be a part of it all!"

- I have recently been sent photos from the press release Sony Music Canada created to announce the upcoming release of Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child". The photos are too large to place on this site, except for the possible cover photo for the album, which I placed in the "Tuesday's Child" section of the site( The press release detailed the intense promotion that is going to happen about the album. The album will be advertised on television, magazines (including major ads in TV Guide and The Record), billboards, movie theaters, radio, and every other place imaginable. Many radio stations are scheduled to hold contests, in which they will give away signed copies of the album, prior to it's release. There will be a short cross-Canada tour the week the album is released, which will mostly include radio interviews, as well as television performances on such shows as Canada AM and Mike Bullard. Amanda will also embark on a 15 city, cross-Canada concert tour in June. Two videos (including "Love Lift Me") have been recorded, and will be broadcast on MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, MusiMax and MuchMoreMusic soon. The official Amanda Marshall webpage will be updated soon with new photos, sound clips, and more. This was a very interesting press release, and if anyone has an extra print copy, I would love to get a copy of it. E-mail me, if you can help.

- The video shoot for Amanda's new single "Love Lift Me" was recently featured on MuchMusic's "RapidFax" hourly news segment. Unfortunately, I missed the broadcast, but it supposedly also included a short interview with Amanda about her new album "Tuesday's Child".

- The Japanese version of Amanda Marshall's upcoming new album "Tuesday's Child" will be released with one, or possible more than one, bonus tracks.

- You can now pre-order Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child" from CDNow at!! The CD is available as a Canadian import item, and will probably be shipped on May 25th 1999 - the Canadian and European release date. This is almost a month before the rest of the world!! Go to to check out this item at CDNow, and be the first to get Amanda Marshall's long-awaited new album!!


Complete Information About Amanda’s New Album:

Title: "Tuesday’s Child"

Producer: Don Was

Co-Writers: All songs co-written by Amanda Marshall. Amanda’s co-writers include Carole King, Eric Bazillian and Desmond Child.

Mixed By: Bob Clearmountain

Production Location: Los Angeles, California

1) Believe In You
2) Love Lift Me
3) Why Don't You Love Me
4) Too Little Too Late
5) Right Here All Along
6) Wishful Thinking
7) Ride
8) Just Love Me
9) Shades of Gray
10) Give Up Giving In
11) Best of Me
12) Never Said Goodbye
13) Out of Bounds
Possible Japanese/Australian Bonus Track: 14) Just Love Me

Release Date: CANADA & EUROPE - May 25th, 1999
UNITED STATES - June 15th, 1999


Featured Album Of The Week:

Rufus Wainwright - Rufus Wainwright

Rufus Wainwright is a fabulous Canadian singer/songwriter whose debut self-titled album has been at the top of almost every record reviewers top 10 list for 1998. Unfortunately, besides a small group of diehard fans, not too many people have bought his album. At first, you probably will find the album a little slow and boring, but eventually it creeps up on you, and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. Besides the fantastic semi-hit single April Fools, the album’s other notable tracks are Matinee Idol, Foolish Love and In My Arms.

Click here to listen to sound clips and find out more information:


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