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Issue #7


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Hi everyone!! The newsletter hasn’t been sent out in almost a month, and I’m sure you’ve all been craving some recent Amanda Marshall news - but there isn’t any! No, I’m only joking, but there hasn’t really been much Amanda news lately. Luckily, two important tidbits have been found out today - new tour dates, plus information about a new song! Amanda’s new album still hasn’t been released, but we hope it will be soon. Complete information about it has been included in the newsletter yet again. I hope you enjoy this issue.

Here it goes!

Amanda News:

- Amanda is scheduled to perform at two major German music festivals in May. She will perform at the "Rock Am Ring" open air festival on Friday, May 21st, and at the "Rock Im Parc" festival on Sunday, May 23rd. She will be performaing on the main "Center Stage" alongside two other Canadian superstars, Bryan Adams (who is rumoured to have written songs for Amanda's new album) and the fantastic Heather Nova.

- A new Amanda Marshall song entited "Givin' Up, Givin' In" has been played on a recent episode (#216) of "Dawon's Creek". This new song will probably be released on Amanda's upcoming new album "Tuesday's Child". Other songs from this episode were:

- "Nothing To Do With Being In Love" by Kyf Brewer
- "Freak of the Week" by Marvelous 3
- "Attic" by Kickbacks
- "Truth of Our Time" by Chickenpox
- "Maria" by Blondie
- "Frozen Charlotte" by Natalie Merchant

Complete Information About Amanda’s New Album:

Some of the following information is either tentative or rumored. Please do not believe that all the following information is true.

Title: "Tuesday’s Child" (possibly Shades Of Grey)

Producer: Don Was (who’s credits include the Rolling Stones)

Co-Writers: All songs co-written by Amanda Marshall. Some of Amanda’s co-writers include the legendary Carole King, Canadian superstar Bryan Adams and Eric Bazillian (co-writer of "One Of Us" by Joan Osbourne).

Mixed By: Bob Clearmountain

Production Location: Los Angeles, California

Tracks (that we know about so far): "Believe In You", "Givin’ Up, Givin’ In" and "One Way Ticket". Possible song titles: "Tuesday’s Child" and "Shades Of Grey".

Release Date: April 6th, 1999

Featured Album Of The Week:

Talk On Corners (Special Edition) - The Corrs

This album is the latest smash by Irish super-group the Corrs. It has been at #1 in the UK for more weeks than I can count. It has also spawned numerous, yet continuously fantastic hit singles, such as Only When I Sleep, Dreams, What Can I Do, I Never Loved You Anyway and So Young. In addition to these fabulous hits, there are many superb album tracks such as When He’s Not Around, Hopelessly Addicted and Queen Of Hollywood. This album has recently been re-released in North America, and now includes the superior radio remixes of each single released. Also included is their first worldwide smash hit "Runaway" in radio remix form, from their equally wonderful debut "Forgiven, Not Forgotten". This is a great collection of songs from one of my favourite groups in the entire world.

Click here to listen to sound clips and find out more information:

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