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1) Introduction
2) Amanda News
3) Site Updates
4) Great Deals On Amanda (and other) CD’s!!
5) Weekly Album Recommendation
6) Contest Winner!!
7) Subscribe/Unsubscribe Information

Hi! Thanks for reading the second issue of the Amanda Marshall on-line newsletter. The newsletter will be sent every 1-2 weeks, unless there is a lot of Amanda news, or none at all. Unfortunately, I will be out of town starting this Friday until mid-January, so the newsletter will be on hold for a couple of weeks. Sorry about that!! This is probably the last issue until I come back. So here we go!

Amanda News:

- The Quebec music video station Musique Plus announced more information about Amanda’s new album, on their daily music news program. The information they supplied was mostly the same news that was released before. We now know that the album has been completely recorded. Also, Don Was, who produced the album, has worked with Amanda before. He produced Amanda’s song "This Could Take All Night" from the Tin Cup soundtrack. As well, Amanda co-wrote almost every song on the album, but she only wrote in conjunction with Americans. This is because the main goal of this album is to break into the American market.

Site Updates:

- The correct guitar chords for "Beautiful Goodbye" have been added to the guitar chord section of the site.

Great Deals On Amanda Marshall (and other) CD’s!!

Is there any Amanda Marshall CD’s, soundtracks or compilations that you have been dying to get, but didn’t think it was worth it for only 1 song? Now, for a limited time, you can get any CD you want from CDNow for a significant discount of $5.00 off.

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You can also buy any of the following Amanda CD’s directly and (of course) still get the discount!

Touched By An Angel (Including Amanda’s hit "Believe In You")

Tin Cup (Including Amanda’s "This Could Take All Night")

My Best Friend’s Wedding (Including Amanda’s "I’ll Be Okay")

Weekly Album Recommendation:

Tori Amos - From The Choirgirl Hotel

This is definitely Tori’s best album yet. It is an eclectic mix of many musical styles, which all turn out beautifully. Not only does Tori continue to record her always wonderful piano-based ballads (Jackie’s Strength, Northern Lad, Playboy Mommy), but she adds some techno-ish dance numbers (Hotel and Raspberry Swirl) in the spirit of her #1 UK smash hit Professional Widow dance remix, and some haunting and stirring tracks (Spark, Black-Dove). This is a must-have CD for any music lover.

Stand-out tracks: Jackie’s Strength, Spark, Northern Lad and Hotel.

Contest Winner!!

Congratulations to Sue!! She has won a copy of the Rasbperry Swirl single by Tori Amos. Hopefully, we will have another contest very soon. Thank you to everyone who entered.

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Thanks for reading the newsletter! Happy holidays to everyone!

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