Issue #5

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Issue #5


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4)  Complete Information About Amanda’s New Album
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Hi everyone!  Here is the fifth issue of the newsletter.  There is lots of
great news this week!!  New information about Amanda’s new album, release
dates, co-writers and much more!!  I am repeating last week’s informative
column about all the information known so far about Amanda’s new album, for
those who missed it.


Amanda News:

It is rumoured that Canadian superstar Bryan Adams has contributed his
songwriting talents to Amanda's new album.

Amanda's new album will be released in Canada on March 2nd, 1999!! Amanda
will also release a new commercial single to Canadian stores in February!
Hopefully the new single (which will probably NOT be "Believe In You"), will
have some new B-sides as well! Maybe even snippets from her new album!!!

Amanda's new single (possibly "Believe In You", or another new song) may be
commercially released in Canada on February 2nd. Also, Amanda's new album
may be released in Canada during March. This date is prior to the one Amanda
announced on Rosie O'Donnell, as the US release date. It is possible that
the album will be released in Canada before the United States.

For those of you who are looking to find a copy of the "Woman And Songs 2"
CD (which include's Amanda Marshall's "Birmingham"), you might have a hard
time finding it. As far as I know, it is only released in Canada. Luckilly,
some large record stores may have a copy of the C
Tracks: "Believe In You".  Possible song titles: "Tuesday’s Child" and
"Shades Of Grey".

Release Date:  March 2nd, 1999

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