Issue #6

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Issue #6


1)  Introduction
2)  Amanda News
3)  Complete Information About Amanda’s New Album
4)  Album Of The Week
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Hi!  I’m sorry the newsletter hasn’t been sent out in almost two weeks.
This is because there hasn’t been very much Amanda Marshall news, and I was
a sick for most of last week.  But now I feel much better, and I hope you
enjoy this issue.  I will continue to include all the information I know
about Amanda’s new album each week, because the information continues to
change, and there are many new members.


Amanda News:

n In the official Bryan Adams newletter "BADNews", it has been confirmed
that Bryan has contributed a song to Amanda Marshall's new album. The song
is called "One Way Ticket".

n Amanda's contribution to the Touched By An Angel soundtrack, "Believe In
You", will be played during the Valentines Day episode of the Touched By An
Angel television show, on Sunday, February 14th.

Complete Information About Amanda’s New Album:

Some of the following information is either tentative or rumored.  Please do
not believe that all the following information is true.

Title: "Tuesday’s Child" (possibly Shades Of Grey)

Producer: Don Was (who’s credits include the Rolling Stones)

Co-Writers:  All songs co-written by Amanda Marshall.  Some of Amanda’s
co-writers include the legendary Carole King, Canadian superstar Bryan Adams
and Eric Bazillian (co-writer of "One Of Us" by Joan Osbourne).

Mixed By: Bob Clearmountain

Production Location: Los Angeles, California

Tracks: "Believe In You" and "One Way Ticket".  Possible song titles:
"Tuesday’s Child" and "Shades Of Grey".

Release Date:  March 2nd, 1999

Featured Album Of The Week:

Natalie Imbruglia - Left Of The Middle

If you liked Natalie Imbruglia’s hit single "Torn", you’ll love her debut
album Left Of The Middle.  Torn is definitely not the only good song on this
album -  the gorgeous ballad "Smoke" and the irresistibly catchy "Wishing I
Was There" are just as good, or maybe even better.  Other highlights are the
catchy "Intuition" and the alternative-sounding "Don’t You Think".

Click here to listen to sound clips, or but it on-line:

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