This Could Take All Night

From The Movie: "Tin Cup"

Put your car keys down, you'd better stick around 
You're the only one to get this done 
Close and lock the door, Drop down to the floor 
Forget the phone until you see the sun 
Baby it's all right 
Because you know I'll make this fun 
When we see the morning light 
We'll be right back, where we started from 
'Cause this could take all night 
And it's a dirty low down job 
When you do it right 
You can turn it off, you can leave it on 
I don't care about the light 
'Cause this could take all night 
I hope you're in good shape, 'cause you'll be working late 
Don't watch the clock, don't try to stop this time 
Just keep on going strong, work it all night long 
I'll make you glad it's in the stars you're mine 
Baby don't be afraid 
a little work won't hurt your back 
But just in case I'm wrong 
you'll be smiling 
when they pronounce you dead 
Chorus repeat 

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