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What is your favourite Amanda Marshall song?
Dark Horse 35%
Beautiful Goodbye 20%
Let It Rain 15%
Birmingham 10%
Fall From Grace 5%
Promises 5%
Last Exit To Eden 5%
Trust Me (This Is Love) 5%

What is your least favourite Amanda Marshall song?
Sitting On Top Of The World 20%
Let's Get Lost 20%
Let It Rain 20%
Last Exit To Eden 10%
Beautiful Goodbye 10%
Birmingham 5%
Trust Me (This Is Love) 5%
Fall From Grace 5%
Promises 5%

Average Song Ratings
Let It Rain 8.8
Birmingham 7.3
Fall From Grace 8.25
Dark Horse 9
Beautiful Goodbye 8.125
Sitting On Top Of The World 6.4
Last Exit To Eden 7.5
Trust Me (This Is Love) 7.6
Let's Get Lost 8.35
Promises 8.5

Would you buy her next album?
Yes 100%
No 0%

Have you ever gone to one of her concerts?
Yes 62.5
No 37.5

If you met her on the street one day, what would you say? (Here are some random reponses:)
"Canadian music is the best, eh?"
"I'd ask her if she wanted to go shopping, get a beer, and hang out; ya' know, girl stuff"
"I love the depth of emotion that you feel when I listen to your music"
"Hi! I love your songs......My name is Amy. Can I have your autograph?"
"You are an awesome artist and I love your music"
"Hi Amanda! Oh my's great to meet you. You're my favourite Canadian singer. Could I have your autograph?"
"Are you happy with your boyfriend?"
"You're an awesome singer and you have great hair, but have you considered writing more of your own songs? I'm sure yo'd get more reccognition for it?"
"We've got the same hair!"

What is your favourite line from one of her songs? (here are some of the responses:)
"So gimme faith in dreams and someone to hold, Gimme love 'cause I'm out here in the cold"
"Trust me this is love"
"My moneys riding on this dark horse baby"
"Too young to die and too old to beleive in promises" 2 votes!
" I only wish that I could listen without shame"
"Fed up with my destiny and this place of no return, think I'll take another day and slowly watch it burn"
"I don't really miss you I just need to know, do ou ever think of you and I, and that beautiful goodbye"
"Cause nothing lasts forever, but we always try, and I just can't help but wonder why, we let it pass us by"

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