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4 Stars = Excellent

5 Stars = AMAZING!!

Let It Rain Rating: ****

This is a great rock-type song. It starts off with a sad feeling, which the lyrics explain that she brought hatred upon herself. The music picks up, and there is a lot of emotion in the chorus, when she says, "let it rain on me", evoking an image to be pitied. The ending of the song tells how someday she will be happy, and she will not need to hide. The hopeful feeling for the future really brightens the song up.

Birmingham Rating: ****

This is a really great, with a very catchy beat. This song is about a woman in an abusive relationship, and how she rallies to save herself. Despite the tone of the topic, the song is up-beat. The chorus really playes an important part, explaining the woman's reason to hope, as well as the chorus' music's uplifting nature, which seems to impower the rest of the song. The snapping of fingers in time realy seems to have the great effect of making the listener feel the beat. Great!

Fall From Grace Rating: *****

This is a fantastic song! It is really catchy. The opening catches your attention, and the pace, plus Amanda's great voice carry you through to the very powerful chorus. The chorus, short but very powerful, will convert almost anyone into a fan of Amanda Marshall's voice.

Dark Horse Rating: *****

This is an extra-ordinary song. It rose quickly on the charts, rightly so. The song starts off with a beautiful, slow intro. Then the guitar kicks in and a comfortable flow, mixed with Amanda's voice almost make you miss the awesome love story that is being related through the lyrics. This song has both great music and great lyrics, and is my faviorite song of this great artist. It really evokes strong emotions. The reference to "Dark Horse", a "long-shot" that should not win, that she says her "heart is saying it's the lucky one", realy holds a powerful feeling for me, and lots of others as well I'm sure. This "Dark Horse" should really have a big payoff.

Beautiful Goodbye Rating: ****

This is a much slower song than the others, although it is VERY nice to listen to

Sitting On Top Of The World Rating: *** + 1\2

Last Exit To Eden Rating: ****

Trust Me (This Is Love) Rating: **** + 1\2

Let's Get Lost Rating: ****

Promises Rating: *****

This is defenitely my favourite song on the album. It is really beautiful and so nice to listen to. Most people don't really like it that much, but you will fall in love with it if you listen to it a few times!

I'll Be Okay Rating: ****

This Could Take All Night Rating: ****

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