Tuesday's Child


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Tuesday’s Child

Don Was, Eric Bazillian and Kevin Shirley

Twelve out of the thirteen tracks were co-written by Amanda Marshall.
Amanda's co-writers include Carole King, Eric Bazillian, Desmond Child, Randy Cantor and Marti Fredriksen

Mixed By:
Bob Clearmountain

Production Location:
Los Angeles, California

1) Believe In You
2) Love Lift Me
3) Why Don't You Love Me
4) Too Little, Too Late
5) If I Didn't Have You
6) Ride
7) Right Here All Along
8) Wishful Thinking
9) Shades Of Gray
10) Give Up Giving In
11) Best Of Me
12) Never Said Goodbye
13) Out of Bounds

Release Date:
CANADA & EUROPE - May 25th, 1999
UNITED STATES - June 15th, 1999


The Press Release:

I have recently been sent photos from the press release Sony Music Canada created to announce the upcoming release of Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child". The press release detailed the intense promotion that is going to happen about the album. The album will be advertised on television, magazines (including major ads in TV Guide and The Record), billboards, movie theaters, radio, and every other place imaginable. Many radio stations are scheduled to hold contests, in which they will give away signed copies of the album, prior to it's release. There will be a short cross-Canada tour the week the album is released, which will mostly include radio interviews, as well as television performances on such shows as Canada AM and Mike Bullard. Amanda will also embark on a 15 city, cross-Canada concert tour in June. Two videos (including "Love Lift Me") have been recorded, and will be broadcast on MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, MusiMax and MuchMoreMusic soon. This was a very interesting press release, and if anyone has an extra print copy, I would love to get a copy of it. E-mail me, if you can help.

You can view the press release by clicking on each of the sections below. Thank you to Rob B. for the files. There are two seperate parts:

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Part Two

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