Welcome to the digital music revolution

In 1998, we had a vision to become North America's leading dance destination. We started out with three employees and a small shop on Rue Saint-Laurent in Montreal. 

Last year, we moved into our new location on Rue Sainte-Catherine.  We now have 14 permanent employees, and an inventory to rival any competition.





In March 2001, we decided to venture online. Our website visits have increased from a small handful each week, to hundreds each day.

sonicBOOM is the online destination for dance, trance, house, jungle, techno and everything in between

We have the latest tracks
from the top of the global charts

Sizzling grooves from
the hottest clubs, the freshest DJ's,
and internationally renowned
dance acts

We have an enormous selection
of vinyl and compact discs

We cater to a large group of ravers, club-kids, professional/amateur DJs, and fans of the genre.

Listen up for the sonicBOOM!