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1999 News:

- MuchMusic's American sister station MuchUSA will feature Amanda on the December 23rd edition of Break This. The program will include an interview with Amanda as well as a few music videos. The show is usually half an hour, divided into fifteen minute segments featuring two different artists. The entire episode of this program is being devoted to Amanda. Check local listings for times.

- On Wednesday night, an Amanda Marshall online command performance was broadcast live on the internet, as well as on the SoundSource radio network. The show was fantastic, complete with an interesting interview and a wonderful performance. Here is the set list for the performance:

1) Believe In You
2) Love Lift Me
3) Why Don't You Love Me?
4) Shades Of Gray
5) Ride
6) If I Didn't Have You
7) Birmingham

- Amanda has finally reached the Canadian radio top ten with her latest single "If I Didn't Have You"! The track can currently be found at #9 on the cross-Canada, cross-platform, radio chart. Congratulations to Amanda on receiving her TENTH top ten hit!! We look forward to even more top ten hits for Amanda in the future. Look out for Amanda's wondeful new single "Shades Of Grey" on radio stations across Canada in ther upcoming new year. For now, keep requesting the gorgeous "If I Didn't Have You" at your local radio station.

- Amanda has finally recorded a music video for her latest single "If I Didn't Have You" during a recent visit to England. This single is an international priority for Sony Music. Be sure to request the video on MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic, VH1, MTV and any other music video station in your area.

- Congratulations to Amanda for selling 200,000 copies of her latest album "Tuesday's Child" in Canada. While her debut self-titled album has sold more than 900,000 copies in Canada, and quite a large number internationally, the sales for "Tuesday's Child" are right on track.

- Amanda has announced that "Shades Of Gray" will be the fourth single from "Tuesday's Child". Be sure to listen for the track on radio stations across Canda and the US in early 2000.

- "If I Didn't Have You" has hit #42 on Canadian radio charts, up from #49 last week. Be sure to request the song at your local radio station in order to give Amanda her 10th top ten hit!!

- If you would like Amanda to answer any question you might have, just send your question to Amanda will be answering questions from fans during next Wednesday, December 8th's on-line performance and interview. Check out for details!!

- Sony Music Canada is offering a few lucky Amanda Marshall fans the chance to see Amanda live from a secret location in Toronto. Check out the following message from Amanda's record company on how to win tickets:

"Hey! What would you do for the chance to see Amanda perform live? Would you beg, borrow or steal? wants you to see her for FREE! As you know, next Wednesday, December 8, Amanda will be performing songs from her new album 'Tuesday's Child' as part of a national Soundsource radio special. Want to be in the audience? Be one of the first 25 people to tell us the name of Amanda's latest single and you and a friend could see Amanda LIVE!

E-mail your answer, along with your name, daytime phone number and address and all that good stuff to Please write 'Amanda Online Tix' in your subject line.

Please note: Amanda's Online Command Performance will be taking place at a
secret location in the Toronto area, transportation is not provided.

For more information on this exciting event, click to:"

- Amanda will be performing live on the internet on Wednesday, December 8th! She will perform songs from Tuesday's Child and chat with Toronto radio station Mix 99's Matt O'Neil. This appearance will also be broadcast as a national SoundSource radio special.  This intimate event will take place in front of a live audience in Toronto, online in RealAudio and RealVideo. Go to Amanda's official site at for the event!

- Amanda was a guest on the November 24th episode of Open Mike With Mike Bullard. She performed her new single "If I Didn't Have You" and was interviewed. I'm sorry for not alerting everyone before the show aired, but I missed it too!

- Amanda will be appearing on the Vicki Gabereau Show on Wednesday, December 1st. The show will be taped on Monday, November 29th, and a limited number of free tickets are available. The show is taped in Vancouver. Here is the e-mail I received concerning the taping and ticket information:

Hi there!  I wanted let you know that Amanda Marshall is going to be on the "Vicki Gabereau" show on Monday, Nov. 29th.  She will be performing as well as having an interview with Vicki. Tickets to our show are free, and we'd love to have Amanda fans in the audience that day!  If there is anyone in the Vancouver area who might want to come to the show, they can get free tickets by contacting me. They can either e-mail me at or they can call the audience line at (604) 609-5766. The show is taped in the VTV studio building at 750 Burrard Street, and goes from 11:00 AM until 1:30 PM.  We also have refreshments available. For those unable to come to the show that day, they can watch it on television as it will air on Wed. Dec. 1st - they'll need to check their local listings however, as it airs at different times in different provinces. Thanks!!

Larissa Ballstadt
Audience Coordinator,
"Vicki Gabereau" Show.

Good luck to anyone wishing to obtain tickets!!

- "If I Didn't Have You" is currently being propelled higher and higher towards the top of the Canadian charts. This week, Amanda's new single can be found at #47 - up from #50 last week. Be sure to request "If I Didn't Have You" at your local radio station in order to give Amanda her 10th top ten hit!!

- The UK commercial single for "If I Didn't Have You" was supposed to be released in the UK on November 8th. If anybody can confirm the release, or has further information about the single, please e-mail me at Thank you!

- Amanda's latest single "If I Didn't Have You" will be released in the UK as a two CD set. CD1 and CD2 will both be made available on November 8th. If anybody has the track listing or other information about these singles, be sure to e-mail me at Thank you!

- We now have the setlist for Amanda's opening slot on Whitney Houston's European tour. You can expect to hear Amanda perform the following songs during the tour:

1) Believe In You
2) Sitting On Top The World
3) Love Lift Me
4) Ride
5) If I Didn't Have You
6) Birmingham
7) Let It Rain

- The Australian CD single for Amanda's hit song "Love Lift Me" has been released! The CD contains the following tracks:

1) Love Lift Me
2) Too Little, Too Late
3) Just Love Me
4) Let It Rain (Live)

- Amanda has finally released the follow up single to her massive hit "Love Lift Me". "If I Didn't Have You", easily one of the best songs Amanda has ever recorded, has now been sent to Canadian radio stations. Sony Music has made the track an international priority and is planning to release it worldwide. Hopefully, a video will soon be released as well. Be sure to request this fabulous song at your local radio station, and let "If I Didn't Have You" be Amanda her 10th top ten hit!!

- The German tour dates that Amanda was forced to cancel in order to tour Europe along with Whitney Houston have finally been rescheduled. Visit out tour section for the new dates, plus the date of an additional performance in Offenbach.

- Amanda has postponed some of her German tour dates in order to be the opening act for Whitney Houston's current European tour. The tour will visit most major European cities, and it will play at many high profile venues, such as London's Wembley Stadium. Click here for the full list of tour dates.

- Amanda has announced plans for a headlining tour of Germany after her previously announced concert dates with Simply Red. Here are the new dates:

September 6th - Cologne - Live Music Hall
September 7th - Hamburg - Gruenspan
September 9th - Mannheim - Capitol
September 10th - Nuernberg - Serenadenhof

Amanda also performed "Love Lift Me" on German television, during a benefit for victims of the Turkish earthquake. For more Amanda tour dates, visit our tour section.

- Amanda has reached #1 on Canada's adult contemporary video channel "MuchMoreMusic" with her hit single and video "Believe In You". Amanda also hit #1 on Toronto radio station EZ Rock 97.3 FM, with "Love Lift Me". The song beat out some pretty tough competition, including Boyzone's "No Matter What", Shania Twains's "You've Got A Way" and Chantal Kreviazuk's "Feels Like Home", to reach the pole position.

- The hard to find European single for Amanda's "Believe In You" is now available at CDNow. The CD includes the radio edit of "Believe In You", as well as "Too Little, Too Late" (from Amanda's CD Tuesday's Child) and Just Love Me (a great new song, written by Amanda and Carole King). Click here to order a copy.

- Hi everyone! I'm finally back from summer vacation. Amanda has been very busy the past little while promoting her new album "Tueday's Child". She performed "Love Lift Me" at a number of Borders Books Stores across the US, in order to gain exposure in the US. She is also scheduled to tour Germany during August and September along with Simply Red. Check out our tour section for details.

- "Love Lift Me" has reached the Canadian top 10! It is currently #7 on Canada's pop adult radio chart. This marks Amanda's 9th top ten single, and the second from her new album "Tuesday's Child". Look out for Amanda's new single "If I Didn't Have You" when it is released very soon.

- The amazing videos for Amanda's two hit singles "Belive In You" and "Love Lift Me" are currently in heavy rotation on Canadian music video stations. The "Love Lift Me" video is based on a boxing theme and "Believe In You" deals with a race in which a man goes through different stages of life throughout the race. "Love Lift Me" is currently #29 on MuchMusic's video chart. "Believe In You" is #26 on MuchMoreMusic's video chart.

- The CD single for Amanda's hit "Believe In You" is now available in Canada! The CD includes "Too Little, Too Late" from Amanda's new CD "Tuesday's Child", and "Just Love Me" a new song, co-written by Amanda and Carole King.

- Amanda performed "Love Lift Me" on the Rosie O'Donnell show today. Afterwards, Amanda was interviewed. It was a great performance and interview, so I hope nobody missed it!

- The American release date for Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child" has been delayed yet again, this time until June 22nd.

- Amanda is scheduled to perform on the Rosie O'Donnell show this upcoming Monday, June 21st. This is Amanda's fourth appearence on the show. She has performed Birmingham, Dark Horse and Believe In You in the past, and is expected to play her new single Love Lift Me.

- MuchMusic recently aired their "Keep The Tribe Alive" special featuring Amanda Marshall, Moist and a few other Canadian acts. Amanda performed amazing versions of "Shades Of Grey" and "If I Didn't Have You", two of the best tracks from her new album "Tuesday's Child". Amanda has stated that these are her two favourite tracks from her new album.

- Amanda has released two music videos, for her hit singles "Love Lift Me" and "Believe In You". They are currently on heavy rotation at MuchMusic, and "Believe In You" is their Choice Cut for this week. Stay tuned to MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, MuchMoreMusic and MusiMax to catch these videos. Hopefully, they will also be added to MTV and VH1's playlists.

- Amanda's recent concert at Theatre Saint Denis in Montreal was amazing! I had seats in the second row center, and Amanda's performance was great. Here is the set list for Amanda's current tour:

1) Believe In You
2) Fall From Grace
3)Sitting On Top Of The World
4) Why Don't You Love Me?
5) Too Little Too Late
6) Love Lift Me
7) Last Exit To Eden
8) Beautiful Goodbye
9) Out Of Bounds
10) Shades Of Grey
11) Best Of Me
12) Ride
13) Give Up Giving In
14) Right Here All Along
15) Dark Horse
16) If I Didn't Have You
17) Birmingham


18) Never Said Goodbye
19) Trust Me (This Is Love)
20) Let It Rain

- Amanda's new album "Tuesday's Child" has finally debuted on Canadian retail charts. The album placed at #4 during it's first week. I expected the album to debut higher, unfortunately the extremely popular new Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin and Now! 4 albums all sold more copies. The album debuted at #19 in Germany, and will soon chart in the United States, shortly after the album is released there on June 15th.

- Amanda is scheduled to perform two songs on MuchMusic's upcoming HIV awareness show "Keep The Tribe Alive". The show will air on July 15th and 9:00 PM. The show will be repeated on July 16th at 8:00 AM and again at 12:00 AM. All times are Eastern.

- The dates for Amanda's upcoming Canadian tour have been mixed around a little bit. Go to our tour section to find out which dates and cities have changed.

- Amanda is featured as the cover story in Canadian wine and culture magazine "Vines". Check out the June issue for three pages of Amanda info and pictures!

- The "Rock Am Ring" festival homepage now includes photos, info and an interview and performance (of "Believe In You") from Amanda's appearance at the recent German music festival. Visit the festival's website by clicking here. It is in German, but you will probably be able to find what you're looking for.

- Amanda Marshall will be heard in space!! Canadian astronaut Julie Payette brought a few of her favourite CD's into orbit, during her mission to the new international space station. It is her goal to listen to music in space (as well as other space-y things...). Along with her Amanda Marshall CD, she brought Sarah McLachlan, Celine Dion and Cirque De Soleil albums on her voyage.

- Amanda has a couple of television appearances scheduled during the next little while. Unfortunately, many of the dates were improperly reported. These are the only appearances that haven't happened yet:

May 28th - Open Mike With Mike Bullard
June 8th - The Rosie O'Donnell Show

- Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child" has been released in Canada, Europe and Japan!! It is truly an amazing album, and I recommend that any Amanda fan should buy it as soon as possible. Go to our Tuesday's Child section for more info about the album.

- Amanda will perform and be interviewed on tomorrow's (May 26th, 1999) edition of Global Television's morning show in Montreal. The show is from 6:30 AM until 9:00 AM.

- Love Lift Me has debuted on the Canadian airplay charts. It is #73 on the Contemporary Hit Radio chart, and #62 on the Pop Adult Radio chart. It will definitely move much higher on the chart, and will be Amanda's ninth top ten hit if it reaches the top ten. It is the number one most added track at Contemporary Hit Radio, the number two most added track at Rock Radio and the number four most added track at Pop Adult Radio. Believe In You is at #8 on the Pop Adult Radio chart after 25 weeks!!

- This weeks issue of Candian music industry magazine "The Record" includes a very interesting front page article about Amanda's new album "Tuesday's Child". The article includes tons of great news, including the scheduling of a US tour in the fall, and a European/Asian tour following that. Also, "Believe In You" will be the first single in Europe, and "If I Didn't Have You" (my favourite song so far from the new album!) will be released worldwide after that. To read the full article, go to our articles section. Look for a full page ad for Amanda's new album in next week's edition of "The Record", as well as in other Canadian publications.

- Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child" will be released in less than a week!! Sony has been running ads for the album on Canadian television, so watch out for that. Also, look for ads in most major Canadian newspapers and magazines. Does anyone know any of the opening acts for Amanda's upcoming tour? If you do, please e-mail me.

- Andrea has created a new mailing list for Amanda Marshall fans! It is called "Out Of Bounds", and it allows Amanda Marshall fans to submit messages about Amanda, and get to know one another. To sign up, go to:

- Today I purchased tickets to Amanda's June 10th show in Montreal. I called a minute or two before the tickets went on sale, and a very nice lady let me stay on the line in order to get the first tickets as soon as they became available. Unfortunately I missed front row center tickets by a few seconds, but I'm still very happy with my second row center seats! If anyone has an extra backstage pass or two, I am dying to meet Amanda. I am her biggest fan in the whole world, and I have never met her! If you do, please e-mail me. Also if anyone has any information about who Amanda's opening acts are going to be, please sure to e-mail me as well. Thanks!

- Amanda is currently promoting her new album across Canada. She was recently spotted signing autographs at MIX 96 studios, in Montreal. She is rumoured to be staying in Montreal for a few days. Since I live in Montreal, I hope to spot her somewhere in the next few days, but that probably won't happen! The father of a friend of mine was recently in a Montreal elevator with Amanda, but didn't really know who she was!!

- The official Amanda Marshall webpage is holding a contest in which you can win one of five exclusive passes to Amanda's album release party on May 25th in Toronto. Good luck!!

- The "Believe In You" single has been released in Germany. The single includes two b-sides - "Too Little, Too Late" and "Just Love Me". "Too Little, Too Late" is available on Amanda's new CD "Tuesday's Child". "Just Love Me" is a totally new song, which might be available on import versions of Amanda's new CD "Tuesday's Child".

- The official Amanda Marshall webpage has finally been made available. This is great resource to find information about Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child". The site includes such features as sound clips and lyrics for the entire new album, plus new Amanda tour dates and photos. Sound clips, lyrics and tour dates have all been added to this site in their appropriate sections.

- Amanda has scheduled a cross-Canada tour during June. The tour will hit every major Canadian city. Go to our tour section for exact cities, dates and venues.

- Although the new official Amanda Marshall website is only scheduled to launch tomorrow night, I have found a way to see it's content before then. Go to:
There, you can listen to audio samples in WAV and RealAudio format of every song on Amanda Marshall's upcoming new album "Tuesday's Child". You can also see the lyrics, as well as writers and production information for each song. From that page, you can gain access to every other section of the official Amanda Marshall website. I will add the lyrics and sound clips to this site as soon as possible. All the songs sound great, so I advise you to check them out. Enjoy!

- Here is the newsletter Sony Music Canada sent out describing the new official Amanda Marshall web site, that will be available starting tomorrow:

"Hey Amanda Fans! Well, the time has come for to reveal it's revamped face.  We can't wait for you to see it! By the end of the day tomorrow,  (May 11, 1999) you can finally experience Amanda's new online playground at
We'll be revealing the dates of Amanda's upcoming national tour as well as a discussion area where you can converse with and meet other Amanda fans. We'll also have all the natural perks like news and an updated biography. Top it off with a great contest so be sure to enter.
As a bonus for being a member of the mailing list, there will be an exclusive contest for the next 4 weeks. For you members only! Stay tuned...
Be sure to hit tomorrow and be a part of it all!"

- I have recently been sent photos from the press release Sony Music Canada created to announce the upcoming release of Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child". The photos are too large to place on this site, except for the possible cover photo for the album, which I placed in the "Tuesday's Child" section of the site. The press release detailed the intense promotion that is going to happen about the album. The album will be advertised on television, magazines (including major ads in TV Guide and The Record), billboards, movie theaters, radio, and every other place imaginable. Many radio stations are scheduled to hold contests, in which they will give away signed copies of the album, prior to it's release. There will be a short cross-Canada tour the week the album is released, which will mostly include radio interviews, as well as television performances on such shows as Canada AM and Mike Bullard. Amanda will also embark on a 15 city, cross-Canada concert tour in June. Two videos (including "Love Lift Me") have been recorded, and will be broadcast on MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, MusiMax and MuchMoreMusic soon. The official Amanda Marshall webpage will be updated soon with new photos, sound clips, and more. This was a very interesting press release, and if anyone has an extra print copy, I would love to get a copy of it. E-mail me, if you can help.

- The video shoot for Amanda's new single "Love Lift Me" was recently featured on MuchMusic's "RapidFax" hourly news segment. Unfortunately, I missed the broadcast, but it supposedly also included a short interview with Amanda about her new album "Tuesday's Child".

- The Japanese version of Amanda Marshall's upcoming new album "Tuesday's Child" will be released with one, or possible more than one, bonus tracks.

- You can now pre-order Amanda Marshall's new album "Tuesday's Child" from CDNow!! The CD is available as a Canadian import item, and will probably be shipped on May 25th 1999 - the Canadian and European release date. This is almost a month before the rest of the world!! Click here to check out this item at CDNow, and be the first to get Amanda Marshall's long-awaited new album!!

- Amanda has recently completed a video shoot for her new single "Love Lift Me" in downtown Kitchener, Ontario. Kitchener may have been chosen as a location because of it's old buildings, including a church, a barber shop and a few older houses. The video also includes ALOT of confetti!! Watch out for the video on Canadian music video stations soon!

- Amanda's new single "Love Lift Me" will be available in Australian stores on June 14th, 1999. No news has been announced about the track listing, or whether it will be available in North America as an import. Go to the Key Mailorder website to order the CD.

- Amanda Marshall's hit song "Trust Me (This Is Love)" has been covered as a duet between Australian superstars Tina Arena and Rick Price. Their beautiful rendition of the song can be found on Rick Price's 1995 album "Tambourine Mountain".

- "Love Lift Me" has been released to Canadian radio stations, and is currently in rotation. Be sure to request it as often as possible! :-)


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